So Simple! Natural Makeup Look Using Milani Smoky Essentials

A sweet friend of mine gave me this palette.
"You mentioned in a video that you have struggled finding the perfect gray eye shadow and well...this one has two," she said with a smile.

This has easily become my most favorite drug store palettes.

If you follow me on YouTube, you'll see that I've been trying out different eye shadow palettes from the dollar store (Dollar Tree) and so far have been pleasantly surprised.

But this past week I've found myself running to this palette more than any other. I am also wearing it in my most recent video (at the end).

Since I've been trying out different dollar store eye shadow palettes, I feel as though I've been walking around with many-a-color on my eyes.

And then bring on the Fourth of July when I sported this eye look:

I mean, c'mon, when can I wear bright red and bright blue on my eyes together and not feel silly? Confession: I was going to do one eye all red and the other eye all blue when, just as I was about to apply the eye shadow, my husband walks into the room with, "Hey, can you make a run to the store for me?"
So I chickened out and did this.
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Needless to say, I needed a break from the bright/bold/deep colors. 
I found myself craving the more natural look, the more nudey colors. 

Here is a mini-demo on how I acquired that. You don't necessarily need this palette, just a cream/white and a neutral/light brown eye shadow will do!

Sooooooooo.......let's get started:

A couple of examples below. Very natural, very serene. Very much a "no makeup makeup" look (LAWLS, that is, for someone like me who loves a good drama on the eyes and wears it on the regular).


Here's how I created the look. Like I told ya, super easy. The liquid liner is optional. You can replace it with a pencil liner, or no liner at all. But since I've been sporting "wings" for five years now, I literally feel naked without them and will end up not being able to look myself in the mirror, no matter what time of day it is, until I put them back on. Even if it's bedtime (but I never last that long). #pathetic

Here's a close up. I placed the cream eye shadow on brow bone and then on my lid. The brown I put on the crease and blended it upward towards my brow bone (for a smooth transition between colors and because I have hooded lids--#blessed--and if I don't do that, my lid will look heavy and I'll look tired). I also applied the brown toward the outer corner of my lid before dragging it along my lower lid and although it's not too noticeable, it's subtle enough for me to like it better than without.

Oh and that white that is under my eye that looks like the eyeshadow on my brow and lid, that's concealer because 30 happened and if I don't cover my bags, those 6 hours of incredible sleep I got, will show up as a lie.

Here's a breakdown of the products:

Milani Smoky Essentials: between $8-$10
L.A. Colors Brown Liquid Eyeliner: $1 at Dollar Tree (I freakin' LOVE this stuff)
Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara: $8 at Walmart. This stuff is BOMB.
Elf Bronzer and Blush colors Turks & Caicos: $3 at Walmart

So let's say you still want a more "nude" look with warmer, perhaps deeper, all-around more inviting colors AND with a cheaper palette?
I've got you covered!

Welcome L.A. Colors Haute Palette

(Source. I also adjusted the colors to be more true to the palette in real life.)

Here's the look I created with this. While Milani is my favorite drug store palette, Haute is my absolute favorite dollar store (Dollar Tree) palette.

(Potential thumbnail for a recent video. Girl needs to sit up straight!)

Here's how it's done (below). If you are interested in seeing a mini-demo of me using this palette, let me know in the comments! I'm more than likely recreating this look at least twice a week anyway and--as you can tell by the picture below, I already beat this palette up quite a bit before saying, "Oh yeah, maybe I should take a picture of the palette now before I hit pan (which I did a few days ago)."

I love creating these looks! Are there any palettes you enjoy to use for the more "natural", "no makeup makeup" look? Please let me know in the comments!

Have a great one!

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