Why I am no longer "The Type THREE Woman"

I must give credit where support and credit is due. I leaned on two specific friends (J and A) during this time who were a wonderful listening ear as well as a strength to me during this time. They know who they are and I love them for their willingness to just be present in my life during this time. It was an act they didn't have to do. They're perfect examples of selfless love.
Thank you ladies. You are beautiful, inside and out.

Since May 31, 2014 I have changed my name from The Type 3 Woman, to just the generic The Type Woman.

And it appears like people care to know more about my reasoning for that than anything else I have to write.

Why is that, I wonder?
Probably because there's a whole community of people who love Dressing Your Truth, as well as Carol Tuttle and her team and so why would someone like me, who avidly loves the system so much, just seem to walk away from it all and talk no more about it?

I'm certain it looked like I left everyone in that community, without caring to say goodbye to some awesome friends I've met along the way, when the fact is that I felt forced to leave it.

I read Carol's book, "It's Just My Nature" a couple years ago and it justified everything that I hid within that was "wrong" with me and had me understanding that it was all "right". Here I was struggling with my identity, with who I really am, with what I wanted God to want me to be as my sense of self was a mess while I pressed myself to conform to a lifestyle and a personality that frankly makes me gag when I look back on it.

I was strangely happy and found it was most "natural" to be the type of person that I convinced myself my whole life as "wicked", "evil", and "crude". And to me, all three of those negative words meant one thing: that God would be disappointed in me if I dare continue to let that persona out.

Carol's book did not fall into my hands, by my amazing friend Rebecca, by mere chance.
Looking back I see God's hand in His finding the perfect time for me to read her book, so that I, Ladee, may know of a surety that God made me as ME and not to be someone else, especially a person that tradition said I should be.

And here I saw an opportunity too, to have fun with his new understanding of who I was. I literally took it, embraced it and ran with it! And that's when I started making a blog, youtube, facebook, instagram and google plus account.
I was reaching out to all I could find who, too, loved this system. I wanted to talk all day to everyone about the different Types.

And so I posted away!

I thought nothing of it and thoroughly enjoyed being The Type 3 Woman when I posted something, late February, that I shouldn't.
I posted one of the Types color card and within that blog post, also talked about a coloring system. Both of which to many, don't correlate, but to me, it does most of the time.
I then got a message on facebook, from a very kind woman, who helped me understand my wrongdoing as well as linked me to Dressing Your Truth's Terms of Use.

I took down the post and out of respect for a system that I love, I decided I would be more careful in the future.

But something didn't sit right with me.

These Terms of Use were a "Membership Program Agreement".

I never paid for any program and I did not buy Carol's book from her website. I bought it used online, an old print. So old the pages fell out.
I wasn't a member.

I decided to put it behind me until a few months later. When I got another message.

Dated May 26, 2014

Dear Madam,

Some of my material has been published without my consent on your Facebook and YouTube pages.


Carol Tuttle

Also in this message I am told I have until May 31, 2014 to change my accounts.  To take out "Type 3" as my label.

All in five days.

I was a mess of emotions.
Here I thought I was helping the DYT team. I was bringing people to their fold, making certain that those that came on my blog/youtube/facebook/instagram knew that I wasn't affiliated with their team, and neither that I was a professional.

So I changed everything and claimed myself "The Type Woman". It was basic. It was generic. For all anyone knew, I could very well be talking about different blood types before they assumed I was referring to a "type" of personality. And if I was talking about personality "types", one would assume I was talking about the MBTI Types that are used when applying for jobs before I was talking about any other system.

And then I got this, May 31, 2014:

Subject: TheTypeWoman.com

Dear Ladee Lyon,

Thank you for your attention and efforts to be in compliance and remove the copyrighted material from your videos, sites, blogs, posts, and Instagram and other social media sites where you are promoting yourself. The term Type cannot be used in your site links or any promotion of yourself or others as it is specific to Carol Tuttle's Dressing Your Truth, Energy Profiling, and Beauty Profiling copyrighted work and intellectual property. To complete the compliance request this will need to be corrected by the end of the day with the other compliance requests for May 31, 2014.

Thank you for your prompt and immediate attention to this matter. We are grateful for your support and attention to honoring Carol Tuttle's copyrighted work.

Dressing Your Truth
Copyright Compliance Officers

And I again had a near meltdown.
I considered how to change everything, again, and if I even had the TIME to do so.
I didn't want to cause any problems! I didn't want to get into any trouble.
So should I spend the whole day changing everything, again? To keep the peace?

But then I noticed something. The subject line of this message says, "TheTypeWoman.com". I had no website with that! I only had my blogger account. It was so strange that such an important detail, in my opinion, was overlooked that I decided to click on the links of those who actually SENT these facebook and youtube messages, claiming themselves as "Carol Tuttle" and "Dressing Your Truth".

And I thought you'd like to click on them too.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=686125647
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWwhLs2EjaIiKm3-IihG2fg

Who, in heaven's name, are these people with these accounts?

One answer is, "Well, they could be Carol Tuttle's 'people'."

Sure, maybe.
But I sure found it weird.
I decided I wasn't going to labor over changing my accounts...again. They were just fine as they were.

And then someone posted this, May 29, 2014:

The link has long been removed and will pull up a 404 code but another requirement was for this blog assistant was to be familiar with youtube and wordpress.
Something that I indeed AM.

And that was it.
That was the final straw.

I felt like even if I were to apply for this job, I would get shut down. I felt like they wanted me to apply so that they could shut me down.

By this time I felt like Carol Tuttle and her team were nothing but a bunch of bullies. Friends of mine were leaving DYT groups because moderators were micro-managing and dropping people from the group. Carol Tuttle herself was telling people they were in the wrong DYT group, leaving these women confused, hurt, and berated....something the system, I so firmly believed, did the absolute opposite.
I was also one, of many, who had to change their name/title due to some fancy written message that scared us into doing it as it was never anywhere close to our intention to do anything wrong, but show the world how wonderful this system is.

All in all, they wanted nothing to do with me and wanted me to be far from their system. To no longer claim them again.

So, I didn't. Feeling battered and left in the dust their tires kicked up after dumping me off, I removed the "3" from my name.

I then took a large dose of what all I had left: time.
I kept telling close friends who knew about this that I wasn't going to post anything about this on my blog as "I don't want to give DYT any satisfaction that they controlled me".

But yesterday I decided to go against that.

This week I found something.
A few days ago I was talking to my friend about the Types (something I have been doing for a while now) and suddenly found myself shedding the scales of bitterness and rejection I felt towards Carol Tuttle and her team. While I don't understand why and what had me shedding these negative emotions now, instead of sooner, or rather instead of later, but I realized a weight that had been present on my shoulders were removed. While the sting is still there, I feel the sting is no longer directed to Carol, her team, or to any person.

I am liberated.

I still am unsure as to how I am going to move forward when it comes to talking about The Four Types System, especially Dressing Your Truth.

Time will tell.

And there you have it, the answer to the question you all have been asking.


  1. I totally support you and this brave post. I'm glad you're turning this corner and able to share about it.

  2. You are awesome and honest...and let me just say here that Jane Segerstrom began the type system and wrote 2 books in the early 80's on the subject. Thanks Ladee!

  3. Whoa, after these past few months of educating myself on this subject, I am continued to be shocked by the petty and childish behavior of some of the followers.

    Sorry you had to deal with this "type" of situation. xx

  4. oh Ladee, I am so sorry you had to go through this. I am really glad you chose to speak out about it and forgive and move on. Much love and respect to you x

  5. If you were to look at DYT's history, where they took I mean got their information you would realize that DYT is the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. Won't say more but they get what they put out. I abhor bullies and thieves.

  6. Thanks for posting this. I know it takes courage to stand up to DYT. Did you consult with a lawyer about whether they had any true legal basis for their threats? Also, I find their aggressive techniques perplexing. Don't they understand that with the huge amount of publicly available material on their website (not mention their on line store) any reasonably intelligent person could easily figure out the basic rules of each of the types? It is pretty obvious.

    But what I really want to express is my admiration for how you have let go of the anger over this. I am trying to learn to let go of some anger in my life and you are a great example.


  7. Dressing Your Truth is a very interesting concept. I found this book - and read it, about 3 years ago. It has kept my head spinning - as to exactly which of the 4 types I really am.

    This has been a very interesting journey. I love Carol's work for this reason, because I was an image consultant for a number of years trained in the Color Me Beautiful system - back in 1988. That system didn't address the fact that your personality could be contrary to the colors that you were told - were your BEST Colors - and SEASON.

    Carol's system addresses this issue - and does so in a way where you can still decide exactly which of the 4 types you truly are.

    However, I can't help but admit - I feel LOST at times, because I'm not really a perfect Type 1, 2, 3, or 4. Just as with my decorating... I'm very eclectic. This system is restrictive in a number of ways. It doesn't really "fit" some people, because a lot of us just simply like to dress the way we like - and not be restricted to a "Type" - at ALL!!!

    Another friend explains this - as "I wake up in the morning, go to my closet - and my mood determines how I will dress that day. I'm happiest when I honor how I feel in the moment!" -

    I agree with this, but still think that the general concept of DYT is a great idea because it would help you create a capsule wardrobe that would be easier for traveling and dressing. More things would GO TOGETHER - if you follow one of the "types" - rather than doing your own approach.

  8. Oh Ladee!

    You are so clever and smart, invent your own system of types. That would be very Type 3 of you and you would out type CT out of her own type!

  9. I had a similar experience; while I had paid for all the 4 types and the videos,resources, etc, one day I logged into my member site, and it was ALL gone. I mean, ALL. Evidently I had told one of my facebook friends that she could log in my site and watch one of the videos on type 2, and I guess someones reported me! Gestapo, darling, gestapo! Moving on!

  10. Hi
    I found DYT on youtube. I have changed course once. I Think their styles are ridiculous, but that is ME, I know that. I cannot relate to it. Carol and Sara Tuttle the same type? That is ridiculous, too. She says it is a movement. Why is it then called Type? They say it is not a colour program, no but it is very very very strict to colours. The methods she uses is judgmental and she values the types different and the rules within this cult (sorry) is these rational rules that eats themselfes into the mind and then you cannot get rid of them. If you say something against, you are hated, they have one leader, etc etc. People fall for it because it somehow has something of truth in it and is a bit of what people need 2014. I mean, if you can look at videos for fun and order some clothes its ok...forget about that you are one of these types and stop being confused. You are not! You are you and nobody can take that away from you ever.

  11. I have heard that people get kicked out of DYT for wearing black shoes if they are not a type 4. So what if your beauty 6 th sense feels it is right to wear touches of black? Seems crazy to me, that and other reasons are why I will never buy her system. Anyone can figure it out themselves with a little practice.

    1. Agreed. People should wear what they want!

  12. I'm so sorry, Ladee! That is so ridiculous of them! Glad I didn't pay for the course!

  13. Ladee, if DYT had a lick of sense they would have looked at all you've done to promote their business and offered to pay you to officially become a part of their team. Or, at the very least, thanked you! I will work on forgiving since you have done that, but hearing how they treated you makes me very angry.

  14. Dear Ladee Lion
    You can use Type 3 and still not be in the wrong. It is not property of Carol Tuttle as other colour assistant were using it before here. Please read this post or even the whole blog :)
    all the best http://expressingyourtruth.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Segerstrom

  15. I feel so sorry for you to have to go through that. I have been so frustrated trying to fit one type that I have been thinking of saying "enough already!!" and just wearing what I like. I bought all four courses and a second set of the "new" cards. It's hard to remember that the "rules" are for our own betterment. I'm over a year and a grand in and it is becoming tiresome some days. Best to you.

  16. Just reading this now, Flame; I to appreciate the system, but 'organizations' can so quickly become dogmatic and 'selfish' -- not so much an individual person's fault, but a kind of default of ... systemization. I feel for you in these many instances, because they do sting, and it seems petty - as your intention has always been to encourage others TO the system, not detract from it. As a Type 3 -- we aren't PERFECT. LOL (Leave that to the Type 4's who develop and enforce the Terms of Use! ;-)
    You're strong; you rock; you're a fiery heart!

  17. Love you! You are an inspiration! I am sorry that the world has come to so much fear of "sharing ideas" and a need to have "ownership" of word combinations. In college they make you take a class before starting to "learn' all about intellectual property and try and SCARE you to death of using someone else's printed words. Pretty soon we will run out of word combo's someone else has used and we will all be in trouble, that said, you can give your book a title someone has used. Go figure!

  18. I am glad you oosted this so that we can see what type of company she has. Thanks!

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  20. I have followed Carol Tuttle and enjoyed her program but find it very culty just like Mormonism. I feel some people need to be told how to think and feel and that is very much how Utah is. I take the good out of it and leave the rest but I am certainly not buying anything from her unless it is used and at a nominal price. I find Carol Tuttle very jarring and dictatorial and God forbid you make a comment that does not agree with them. About half of the makeovers are ridiculous and some are amazing. Sarah and her sister in law are lovely young women but Carol is starting to look like a waxwork because of what she is doing to her face. I would be very careful as I have seen carol mistype several women and that costs money that some people cannot afford to waste.

    1. Yes, I have used the word Cult to describe the energy I get from CT and DYT. ;)

  21. Ladee, thanks much for sharing your experience. I've followed DYT for 4 years now and found it helped me develop a style that I felt comfortable with. From time to time, however, the practical application seemed rather "cookie-cutter" and the theory sprouted puzzling anomalies. My main complaint centered around the Type 2 Expression. Carol and her Gang seemed to idealize and over-feminize Type 2 women as super gentle, sweet, kind, loving and without a mean bone in the their body. She has literally said that Type 2s are saints (we're talking about roughly 2 billion people). As a Type 2, I found that ridiculous.
    One day, feeling increasingly ornery about yet another video on their Lifestyle website that presented pale, over-delicate Type 2 colors in contrast to the fun, vibrant clothes worn by the other types, I posted a comment, asking if the Team could bring in more of the brighter VERSIONS of Type 2 colors. I immediately got slammed by Carol, who proceeded to jackhammer me over 3 days and several long posts on the part of both of us. She said that I was being critical and mean and couldn't be a Type 2. Based upon my critical comments and preference for brighter colors, I was obviously a Type 4, per Carol.

    This position contradicted her teaching. She has made the point numerous times that you can't necessarily type someone from their behavior, as personality and upbringing can color how they act, but rather, the most accurate typing is done by looking at facial features and other physical characteristics. Yet, she had no idea what I looked like and only responded based on one short paragraph from me.

    I attempted to explain, but it was useless. In fact, the more I posted, the worse it got. I felt like a rock being jackhammered. Her energy is intense. Apparently, I had hurt her daughter's feelings, so I was probably dealing with an angry Mama Bear. Plus, I wasn't aware of this, but the Tuttle/Brown family had gone through a death that past week, and I'm betting that Carol was taking out some of her grief on me. I ended up apologizing and got off the forum. Feeling emotionally battered and not heard, I then unsubscribed and deleted all my credit card info from their store. DYT lost a good customer and a loyal follower.

    All Carol had to do was respond to my initial post with a very quick and short statement: "Please do not criticize the DYT presenters. Praise, sharing of your own experience, and respectful questions are welcome. For any other comments, please see our experienced support team." Instead, she came on like a hurricane and pushed and pushed and pushed. And so I swam away.

    1. Sounds very similar to what I went through with this woman."Intense" is a polite way of describing her energy.

    2. Wow, I'm sorry to read this. How unprofessional of her.

  22. Sorry you went through what you went through.She isn't a nice person.Wolf in sheep's clothing.

  23. I have been following DYT for 7 years, and have been getting more and more turned off to Ms. Tuttle, who has evolved into an obnoxious, imperious bully, who requires cultish devotion to her authority and accepts no questioning or criticism. Other commenters here have pointed out the truth that she "borrowed" the whole DYT system to begin with, without giving credit, claiming she discovered it through divine inspiration (a typical ploy of all cult leaders). Because she is gifted with business savvy, she has brokered this into a highly successful cash cow. What was once supposed to be free-for-life access to everything DYT to those of us who bought into it at the beginning,and "knew her when", became more and more eroded as time went on and her operation became increasingly more "professional" and sophisticated. Now you have to join "Lifestyle" to get any significant "support" or important DYT content--everything we all used to have access to in past had been taken down. Recently, CT has announced that all the DYT courses are now free, because of her magnanimous desire to make this critical information available to everyone. Of course, this only amounts to an effective "teaser", designed to pull you in and cause you to feel you must depend on her and her DYT organization to truly understand yourself and be able to fully "live your truth." Spiritually speaking, there is also nothing truly transformative about this--feeling "free" to be "who you are" becomes nothing more than an excuse to give play to not only your good points, but your shadow side as well. Witness the runaway train CT herself has become.
    The last straw for me came recently when she cruelly browbeat a clearly emotionally fragile, deeply hurting woman during a live skype broadcast when the woman did not fall into line when Carole told her she had mistyped herself. It was horrifying to see CT so caught up in her ego and need to be "the authority" that she was oblivious to what she was doing to this poor soul.

    1. That video is the worst. It's very uncomfortable to watch. I first attributed it to the woman being close-minded. I later realized that she wasn't putting up blocks, she was holding herself back from her true feelings. Ultimately, CT was correct (I believe) in her assessment of the woman as a T3. If the poor thing had been living her truth she might've given CT a piece of her mind. Imagine that exciting live stream!

    2. Yeah, the fact that she says she got this system from divine inspiration bothers me. If you do your research you'll see she basically copied it from someone else and just put a new spin on it. I was also upset when she took down all her old videos. In the end it is a business.

  24. I feel Carol Tuttle is a ruthless woman with a knee jerk reaction towards anyone who does not agree with her. I was cut off when I commented on the low wages offered on their job openings which I felt was incongruous with her mantra that she helps women be free to be themselves. She was offering $9 an hour that would involve heavy lifting without insurance. God forbid you injure your back! Carol Tuttle is a charlatan who takes advantage of women who need to be told who to be just like are advised by the Mormon church. God forbid that she would offer employees an actual living wage but of course it is more important that she drive a Porsche while her people live on barely over minimum wage. She is an unsavory woman who is aided and abetted by her family and hangers on.

    1. Knee jerk reaction - yes. I would characterize it as extreme defensiveness that manifests as a pit-bull attack dog mentality. She needs to do some serious inner work and failing that, at least learn to be more professional. I see more comments being posted about her in the past 6 months. It's only going to get worse unless she gets control of herself or her family realizes that they've got to put someone else on the front lines to interact with the public.

  25. The part I don't understand with DYT is they emphasize following your "beauty sixth sense," but if what you like doesn't match your "type" then it's either wrong and you should better follow their rules or you are one of the other types.

    1. That is exactly what I experienced with Carol. I successfully typed myself as a 2 and bought clothing, makeup, and jewelry from her for 4 years, participated in on-line posts, and paid for her Lifestyle for a year. I never doubted my Type using her system and genuinely liked the T2 styles, with a few exceptions. One day she didn't like something I said and typed me as a 4 on the basis of one comment. Carol has SAID in the past that you can't accurately type based on personality or expression, but on face and body structure. She never bothered to look at a photo of me or even Skype me. Nope, just a snap judgment based on one chat. She was insistent, imperious, and rude and wouldn't back down. I unsubscribed.

  26. I recently left dyt (left the facebook group and ended my membership). I got sick of the constant micromanaging of the admins on facebook and I was also told off on a couple of occasions when I had commented on something, but said nothing wrong - nothing attacking/putting down/criticising etc. I didn't get a proper answer when I emailed them about it either. I have also had perfectly innocent posts removed by admin (such as one that simply asked if Carol had typed a particular famous person). I find the 4 types to be very restrictive. Carol has confirmed my type as a t3 and she also confimed my secondary. I don't really like any of the styles that much - I feel like I can't have fun anymore and I should be stomping around dressing like a man with spiky hair (which doesn't appeal to me at all) and if I don't I'm not "living my truth". I'm not a Utah mormon mom so I just can't relate to most of the people in the groups and things...a lot of them, especially the t3s, are really unappealing people to me anyway. Shopping isn't fun anymore and I don't think people fit so neatly into these categories. SO I'm sure there intentions are good and they help a lot of women, but I'm done with it all, over it. Thanks for your post.

    1. Good for you Katie. There are elements of this group that are very "culty". They are major control freaks and if you express any sort of descent they censor your posts. Carol is very good at taking people's money then telling them what to do. What sort of business model is that? I kick myself for having gotten involved with this nonsense.

    2. I agree with you Katie that people don't necessarily fit into these neat little categories, and I think that is where I went off with Carol. Got sucked into her "expertise", rather than seeing her system as just one model -- taking her ideas as an ultimate authority rather than a suggestion. I've left DYT and continue to use some of the things I've learned, but her rudeness to me at the end left a bad taste in my mouth.

  27. Absolutely Joannafesto, it is definately culty and I'm kicking myself too! I have spent an absolute fortune on buying new clothes and other things to try and be a "proper t3" and I've wasted so much money, it's unbelievable. Got rid of perfectly good clothes which looked fine on me. And Anon, I've done more or less the same thing, taken a couple of things that I learned and just left it at that. I'm so relieved I'm no longer part of it and now I just dress how I see fit. So much less stressful!

  28. Absolutely. There were some Youtube! videos posted rebutting her system and suspiciously they appear to have been taken down this morning. What is up with that? The system doesn't work and Carol Tuttle is a rude, unpleasant, manipulative woman who uses mind control techniques fleece unsuspecting women of their money. They get ripped off and then are made to feel stupid for not understanding this program, or getting sucked into a cult in the first place. I thought I signed up for a fashion seminar kind of thing and instead I got energy healing and all sorts of stuff that has nothing to do with clothing. Carol does not discuss up front what this program is about. It's about New Age/Mormon energy healing. If you are into that and want to join, I could care less. However, this woman misrepresents herself and this program as something other than what it is. If I had any idea of what it was, I would have run before I got involved.

    1. Yes I saw those videos. Watched a couple and was halfway through another when I saw they'd been taken down. I wonder if she got threatened? There are also another couple of videos up by different people critiquing the system which are good. One lady however later apologies to Carol in another video for doubting the system lol. Ridiculous. I don't think it works for most people either. 4 types for everyone on earth is just stupid. I would have run miles too had I known. The whole group/family are pretty uber-religious I know that much. I'm so glad I left, it was starting to get really weird with the post and word policing on facebook.

  29. While I really like her system and it has thought me what would flatter me as a T3, I too agree it is too fixist and I like black, I just do. Also, Carol typed me as a 3 on her page after commenting that I don't know what I am. And I replied with "I really wish I felt like a T3, etc" and then I saw my comment was deleted and I can't comment or like on any of her facebook posts from her page. And just because I said I don't feel much like a T3 even if my facial features are that. Yeah, and now that I read all your comments, I can see how strict and rude they are, especially with colors.

    I was wondering, have any of you got the hair consultation with Nicole?