"I should call you Mr Drummer"

This summer while I was learning a whole slew of things, Mr Hunter was learning something too.

Like, "how many drum sets and drum parts can one fit into a 350 square foot room?"

Mr Hunter loves a bargain. He loves the whole "buy low, sell high" game and I tell ya, this man is incredible at it. My "surprise" reaction has become desensitized with just how easily these deals fall into his hands. Law of attraction much? I've finally convinced him the universe is on his side now. ;) Yet, he never falls short of that high he gets from a great deal and I still find it adorable how he giggles like a child Christmas morning just before the deal goes through; him selling the item for a considerable profit.

How that happiness I see on his face is worth far more to me than most things...

...like having the purpose of a room changed into another purpose.

Since this summer, drums have been the theme in this buying/selling game. And while I took these pictures, the title of this post was the exact words I said to him.

Two drum sets in a room doesn't look too bad, right?

How about from this angle? Photobomb by Boy Dolphyn, the shirtless muscle man.

Zoom out this is how the room really looks. I have no shame posting this online but if you were to come over to my house and see this, I would be mildly mortified. And by mildly I mean I would go hide into my room until you left.

Mr Hunter's snare drum collection just had to be put on display if we're going to have them for a while, right? When I mentioned my desire to use these items for decorative purposes, Mr Hunter became a deer in headlights. But when he saw this, my decorating skills became welcome. We're considering adding the mess of cymbals he has on the walls. 

These cymbals. Believe me when I say that this collection has grown.

And I think we have more stands than fingers and toes on all five of us living under this roof! 

Oh, did I say we have two drum sets in this room? I forgot, I meant THREE. 

But my all-time, favorite part of these summer deals is when we took the parts of another drum set Mr Hunter bought and I turned one bass drum into....
A toy box. I love it! Whodathunk that drums can be multi-purposeful! And had the rest of that drum set's drum shells had not been ruined, I would've used them as storage for other things. 

No worries, I'm confident I'll have another chance to do that. :)

Do you ever compromise things for those you love? As hard as it is?? Sure, I'd like to have my sitting/laundry folding room back, as well as a broad walkway to the laundry room and garage. But seeing my husband's talent being put to use makes me just plain happy.

That man seriously needs to open a shop though, before the whole house looks like this! ;)

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